Gibraltar Company Formation

Gibraltar is a popular location for registration of international trading companies. A key benefit of Gibraltar companies is that they are not taxed on profit if the profit is generated from activities outside Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a UK dependancy and Gibraltar companies are structured in a similar way to UK companies. A Gibraltar company is a company limited by shares, usually refered to as a Limited Company.

Incorporate in Gibraltar

A Gibraltar company can be used for most commercial purpose, but there are certain activities, including, but not limited to Crypto Currency, Distibuted Ledger Technology, Initial Coin Offering etc. which will require a licence, and others that may be excluded.

Key Features of a Gibraltar Company

  • Only one director required.
  • Only one shareholder required.
  • Overseas and corporate shareholders allowed.
  • No need to visit.

Company Name

The company must have a unique name, which is not too similar to any existing company. Our service includes checking of company names for availability, and advising on the suitability of your proposed name. If you would like to check a company name now please contact us.

Registered Office

A Gibraltar Company must have a registered office in Gibraltar. This is the official address of the company, and is where correspondence from Companies House and other Government departments is sent to. This address must be that of a company manager approved and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commision. We have worked for many years with a regulated company management firm who provides this service to our clients.

Company Secretary

Gibraltar companies must have a company secretary, this can be a person or corporation. The company secretary has administrative duties, and is responsible for preparation and filing of all documents. We offer a company secretary service which ensures prompt filing of documents.


The company must have at least one shareholder, this can be a person or a corporation, there are no nationality restrictions.


A Gibraltar company can be registered with just one director, there are no nationality restrictions.

Gibraltar Company Formation Services

gibraltar company formation

Prices & Fees

Our fee to register a Limited Company in Gibraltar is £680.

gibraltar company formation

Order On Line

When you are ready to register your Gibraltar Company, please use our on-line order form.

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Help & Advice

If you have any questions or would like any help or advice please contact us.

Prices & Fees

  • Registration of a Gibraltar Company which includes, checking name availability and suitability, preparation of company documents, apointment of directors and shareholder, unlimited advice:- £648
  • Registered Office & Local Company Manager - The registered office is the address where all official correspondence regarding the company is sent to:- £360
  • Company Secretary - We offer a company secretary service which ensures prompt filing of documents, our fee for this service is:- £240

Order On-Line

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Help & Advice

If you have any questions or would like any help or advice please contact us. We will be pleased to speak with you, and happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the set up and running of a Gibraltar Company.
Please send us your questions or comments using the form below. If you prefer to speak to us, our telephone number is +44 207 856 0587.

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